Our approach

Due to our software origins, Informate International has a highly qualified recruitment staff in Information Technology. Our added value is a multidisciplinary and multicultural team supported by advanced recruitment techniques. This approach offers several up front advantages:

First of all, we clearly understand the technical aspects of your project and the skills needed to achieve it. This ensures that not only do both the client and candidates have a detailed job description but also a real discussion about the role; the project; the team. At that point, we encourage two way communication: we want to make sure that everything is clear and transparent for all parties.

Secondly, we use our technical know how to examine appropriate sources for relevant profiles, to parse CVís and to appraise candidates.

Thirdly, we assess candidatesí personality in order to achieve the best match with the culture and philosophy of the client company.

Finally we create an overall picture of suitability from these many viewpoints (technical, personality, role).

The final result is that we submit the right candidate at the right place and price!