Informate - Candidate

Informate International SA/NV is more than an ordinary IT recruitment agency. At Informate International, we concentrate our efforts on our freelancers’ concerns and it shows; some of our freelancers have continously worked with us for over 20 years!!! :

Our recruitment and selection staff is not a "sales" team, but is technically skilled. It means that we can truly discuss your competencies in line with technical requirements.

We only offer you assignments corresponding to your technical profile and aspirations.

We have a transparent and unique mark-up policy; our margin is never more than 10%.

We offer you mid to long term contracts and try to bring you as much stability as we can.

In order to extend current contracts, we are continously developing long term relationships with clients based on trust and professionalism.

We give you support when starting a new contract (contact with real estate agencies, detailed socio-legal info to settle down properly etc)

We support you in understanding the current IT market and making the right decisions regarding training’s, career paths,...

We respect your decisions and we keep our commitments.

You want to work with us, feel free to contact us and send your CV!