Our Service

When working with us, you can trust our professionalism. This is the whole process we follow:

  1. We have a dialogue about your company and its culture, then we further discuss the project and your specific needs taking into account the team members already in place, the deadlines and other pre-requisites. We try to understand who are you really looking for: not only the years of experience, mandatory skills, desirable extra skills, etc but also the application areas where the skills have been developed, the skill consistency and the personality traits required.

  2. When we have an accurate idea of the ideal profile, we customise the bespoke profiling engine we exploit. This offers us an immediate picture of the available candidates having the required skills. As we deal with free-lancers that we know already have experience of, we are familiar with their strengths and their weaknesses. We also advertise on several channels and look into specific databases of job sites. Once we have localised suitable candidates, we proceed to the personal interview, which is split in two phases:

  3. Technical interview: carried out by our personnel with technical background. At this stage, we confirm that the candidate possess the required skills by keeping a conversation about specific technical topics. We are glad to answer his/her questions about the company, the project and its deadlines, the team etc.

    Personal interview: carried out by our personnel with sociological and psychological backgrounds. At this stage, we check candidates’ motivation about the job, as well as his/her attitudes, goals, expectations and personal situation. We bear in mind that the successful candidate is not only the best skilled, but the one, who having all the skills necessaries, best matches with the culture of your company.

  4. We submit the best candidates to you; usually a maximum of three candidates (but can be varied) according to fixed dead lines. Obviously we make interview arrangements and more generally deal with all legal paperwork and logistics. We also have good experiences in providing/managing non EU/ECC based consultants.

  5. Finally, we follow-up the candidate once he/she is working on site, either by applying an employee appraisal questionnaire or a personal interview. In doing so, we are able to prevent potential problems and optimise the integration of the candidate within the company.