Scientific C testing

Project: Testing of Scientific pipeline
Tasks: Our client - one of the world's leading provider of astronomical observation facilities - are regularly looking for testers having a scientific and/or algorithmic background

The work typically involves the testing of data reduction pipelines for the various detectors placed at the telescope foci.

Skills (+ level of seniority): At least 3 years experience testing C/C++based applications

Testing of complex software products in Unix/Linux environment

Strong knowledge of Python and/or Perl.

Unix/Linux tools and Makefiles

manual testing as well as implementation of fully automated tests

Familiar with continuous integration tools such as Jenkins

Spoken languages: EN
Other interpersonal skills: Good oral and written communication, customer oriented, experience of international projects, strong sense of software quality

  • Location: Munich, Germany:
  • Rate (euros/8 hours): market. Our margin is limited to 10% - more for you

Contact Person: Angela Williams (phone number: +32-477-321185)